Philly Marathon


abebeNovember 20th, 2013 / 11:50Am

This past weekend I went to the Philly Marathon where I was able to witness a world record being broken by a person named Abebe Mekuriya. Hearing the DJ announce that the record has been broken brought me back to a time when I was in elementary school. In gym class, I noticed that I had a lot more upper body strength then any power in my legs. I was never the fastest person in my school, but somehow was one of the strongest. At one point, we have to take a physical test in the class that would be graded. I remember coming home one day crying because I failed the running test. However, the next class was the pull-up test. As I started doing them, I found out that this was not hard at all compared to the running test. I completed it with 18 pull-ups as well as breaking the schools record as a fifth grader. That day was one of the best days of my fifth grade school year.

The Delta


photo-2November 13th, 2013/ 11:50am

As I was wearing my fraternity letters, I viewed the first delta letter. It made me stop and gaze upon it as I went back in my past to 11th grade and remember my chemistry class. This class was my most difficulties classes out of the rest. I recall that I was supposed to do well on one particular test to get a high B+ in the class. This test was about chemical reactions that had to do with changed signals. The delta in the chemical formula always was the one that I never got wrong. At that time, I was really into greek letters so I never got that reaction wrong because I memorized that one. The reaction also had a saying, which was, “The enthalpy change Delta for a reaction depends only on the initial and final conditions and not the path taken”. These reaction sayings still remain in my head due to the passion I once possessed towards greek letters. Seeing the delta in my fraternity always brings me back to the time of my chemistry test with the delta formulas.